HOLD your Crypto with CoinLending

Accumulated Total Deposit

We accept any coin, whether it has been delisted from a large exchange, a coin that has not yet been listed, or a coin that is difficult to convert into cash due to lack of trading volume. Get a instant loan with any erc-20 coins with up to 70% loan to value ratio(LTV). Earn interest with your crypto.

Earn Interest

  • Up to 20% annual interest

  • Monthly payout

  • Add or withdrawal funds 24/7 at any time

Earn $
  • Interest rates are subject to change without notice.
  • The above calculations are for reference only. Please contact customer center for details

Crypto Loans

  • Get an instant loan against your coins

  • Interest rate starting from 5.9%

  • A minumum of $50 and a maximum unlimited

Receive $
  • Interest rates are subject to change without notice.
  • The above calculations are for reference only. Please contact customer center for details



Do I earn rewards on the coins that are locked as collateral?2021-08-19T01:10:34+09:00

Unfortunately, no. When your crypto is locked as collateral against your loan, you are not earning interest on it.

When do I start earning interest?2021-08-19T01:10:18+09:00

You begin to earn rewards as soon as any funds are credited to your account.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to deposit?2021-08-19T01:11:11+09:00

You can deposit any amount you want, there is no minimum or maximum limit. Still, it’s important to take into account that for really low amounts it is possible that the transaction cost of the process is higher than the expected earnings. It is recommended that you consider this when depositing very low amounts.

Why would interest rates vary over time?2021-08-19T01:10:02+09:00

Rates vary based on the supply and demand for each cryptocurrency in crypto lending markets, similar to how interest rates vary for any type of currency.


Can I have multiple loans?2021-08-19T01:11:47+09:00

Of course you can get multiple loans at any time.

How long does it take to receive my loan?2021-08-19T01:11:28+09:00

Stablecoin loans are released immediately after the loan approval and paid directly into your wallet.

What happens if my collateral value fall?2021-08-19T01:12:38+09:00

If your collateral values fall, your LTV ratio goes up, meaning you effectively have less collateral protecting your loan. If it goes too high, and you don’t deposit more collateral to bring the LTV ratio down, your collateral will be liquidated in a margin call to protect the lender’s assets.

What is the LTV(Loan to Value)?2021-08-19T01:12:17+09:00

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio shows the ratio between the loan amount and the value of the collateral backing it, and is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, if you take a loan of 1,000 USDT and pledge 0.2 BTC, which is worth 2,000 USDT at the time, as collateral, your initial LTV% is 1,000 USDT/2,000 USDT = 50%.

How do LTV warnings work?2021-08-19T01:12:54+09:00

Warning notifications are sent via email and shown on the platform when the LTV ratio reaches 70% (for loans that were issued with LTV lower than 75%), and 80%. If these warnings are not dealt with by you personally, your collateral will be liquidated.

What does liquidation mean?2021-08-19T01:13:44+09:00

Liquidation of collateral is the sale of collateral. This is something that we try our best to avoid and something that we only do as a last resort.

How much collateral do I need to add?2021-08-19T01:13:15+09:00

When a margin call is triggered, the goal is to reduce your current LTV back to the original LTV per your contract.

For example, if your loan was taken with a 60% LTV and the margin call is triggered at 80%, you need to reduce the LTV back down to 60%.

You will receive an email notification showing how much additional collateral is needed to reduce your LTV back to a stable level.

Depending on the market movements after the email was sent, you might need to add more or less collateral.

Can I add a different coin as collateral?2021-08-19T01:13:30+09:00

At the moment, we can only add the same crypto as originally locked as collateral.

For example, if your loan is ETH-backed, we would need you to add more ETH.

What happens if I don’t repay my loan?2021-08-19T01:13:59+09:00

If you fail to fully repay your loan before the expiry time, we will fully liquidate your Collateral to clear the outstanding balance. Remaining liquidation proceeds will be returned to your Wallet.


Can I close my loan at any time?2021-08-19T01:12:01+09:00

There is no penalty in closing your loan early. However, if the loan has not matured for at least 3 months, there will be a 3 month interest payment due, which is the minimum requirement for all loans.